Oemine Birch sap


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Organic birch sap from Finland
Birch sap has been known for centuries for its cleansing, detoxifying, revitalizing and remineralising properties. It is a perfect source of energy in case of tiredness, calorie-controlled diet or during seasonal changes.

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Birch sap contributes to help:

  • Detoxify and cleanse your body,particularly liver, kidneys and pancreas activating the elimination of organic wastes and toxins.
  • Relieve stiff joints: Improve the suppleness of movements and ease pain, reduce rheumatism and arthrosis by eliminating excess uric acid from the blood.
  • Make your hair more beautiful thanks to its dietary elements and minerals.
  • Maintain normal blood pressure by increasing potassium levels of plant-based origin. Birch sap lets avoid an overdose of potassium because its dosage corresponds to the physiological dose (1l of birch sap supplies 6% of DRI*).
  • Protect cells from oxidative stress.

The quality of birch sap depends on the nature of the soil in which birches grow and its bottling method. In fact, the composition of birch sap depends on the geological nature of the soil and subsoil. So it is better to tap birch sap in the territories rich in minerals and free of pollution. The trees are usually analysed to select those that contain more nutrients.
Apparently the composition of birch sap is quite close to that of breast milk, blood or sea water (less sodium chloride). Therefore, it is not surprising that in the past in northern countries they gave birch sap to babies to substitute for breast milk and to adolescents to reinforce their growth.
Birch sap is very rich in minerals, particularly in potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. When it is fresh, it also contains some bioavailable dietary elements such as iron, manganese, cobalt, chromium and zinc (almost non-existent in our diet nowadays).
Birch sap comprises 17 amino acids, including glutamic acid, as well as fruit acids (malic acid, succinic acid, phosphoric acid and citric acid) and two glycosides: betuloside and monotropitoside which release methyl salicylate by enzymatic hydrolysis. It has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect. Rich in antioxidants, it also contains vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C, E.

OEMINE Birch sap is collected according to the unique method in the world,which got a prize for innovation in Finland, by the way: sap goes directly from the tree into the bottle. Thus, it is neither altered nor oxidized because it doesn’t come in contact with the air.
This procedure is made under vacuum in order to preserve fresh and pure birch sap free off any additives.

500 ml glass bottle of pure sap.
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