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Natural pea fibers to control appetite.

Overweight and obesity are a major problem because they increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension. It is a real global epidemic.
Oemine Sat is a dietary supplement extracted from natural pea fiber that reduces snacking and caloric intake.

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The protocols for losing weight are nowadays all based on the regulation of the energy balance. In other words, they consist in controlling both energy expenditure and food intake. However, we have known for a long time that there is an inequality before the plate.

Recently, we have been interested in the hormones that regulate satiety. This is an innovative approach and it seems that this is the key to the problem. Weight gain is linked to the process of hunger and especially to lack of satiety. If anomalies in food intake control can be corrected, food intakes are reduced and caloric intake reduced.
If you are on a diet, here are 8 rules to help you lose weight.

Recent studies have shown the interest of certain fibers: the galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) contained in Oemine Sat. They have shown that these fibers induce a natural satiety. They increase the feeling of fullness of the stomach and will therefore reduce the overwhelming hunger induced by diets. Absorbing enough of it will reduce snacking and caloric intake.

The active ingredient extracted from natural vegetable pea fibers has been clinically tested. It acts on three levels:

  • on satiety. It reduces grhelin, an intestinal hormone that causes hunger. This helps to avoid the cravings that appear when you are on a diet. The maximum action is observed after 15 days. This helps to avoid snacking and rushing to the food to compensate for the lack.
  • on the feeling of fullness. The fibers of Oemine Sat reduce the desire for food because they promote the feeling of filling the stomach. It is often this lack of perception of fullness that causes people to continue to eat without being satisfied.
  • on hunger. The last effect observed concerns hunger itself, which can be modulated or even stopped when the fibers are absorbed. This makes it possible to limit dietary intakes and therefore caloric intakes.


Box of 200 g of powder.
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