Oemine Colestrol – 60 capsules


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A naturally occurring dietary supplement that helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels thanks to the K monacolin from red rice yeast.
It is associated with dandelion and sugar cane wax policosanol.

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To maintain normal cholesterol levels, Oemine Colestrol combines 3 natural active ingredients:
>Red rice yeast known for many years.
> A dry extract of dandelion: this plant is part of the melting and refreshing.
>Polycosanol: extract from sugar cane wax.

Some of the red rice yeast-based food supplements on the market have been accused of containing toxins derived from moulds (aflatoxin, citrinin) or of being too concentrated in lovastatin, which raises suspicions of the fraudulent presence of synthetic statins.
Oemine Colestrol is not affected by either of these two cases. On the one hand, each batch of red rice yeast has always been analysed by an independent laboratory, guaranteeing the absence of citrinin and other aflatoxins.
And on the other hand, the monacolin K of red rice yeast (Monascus purpureus) has always been dosed at 10 mg per 2 capsules. This corresponds to the proportion of natural lovastatin usually found in red yeast; it is this dose that contributes daily to the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels.

Oemine Colestrol can only be used after having the cholesterol measured and after checking that the diet alone is not enough to lower it.

It is possible to associate it with:
Oemine Krill: 2 capsules in the morning 5 days a week for cardiovascular protection (by its DHA phospholipids).
Oemine Q10: 2 capsules 10 days a month in the morning to compensate for the possible decrease of this coenzyme which oxygenates the cells.

Pill box of 60 capsules
Code ACL 4853656
This natural health product is also available in 180 capsules.

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