Why choose Oemine ?

The Oemine® range was created in 1995 from the desire of doctors and pharmacists to offer natural unit vitamins, therefore without synthetic ingredients: the plant extracts of our Oemine nutritional supplements are extracted from the heart of nature. However, vitamins are very fragile molecules, and their natural environment is important to preserve because it protects them and helps us to get the best out of them. And in addition to vitamins, our food supplements contain other elements essential to our body such as: fatty acids, flavonoids, anthocyanins, lecithins…

The particularity of the Oemine brand

The particularity of the Oemine® brand is that, in addition to complex complements, it also features units.

Why unitary?

Each Oemine product then corresponds (except in special cases) to a single natural vitamin or a single natural trace element: you avoid the overdose you risk when you take several supplements where everything is mixed.

The interest of the units?

The interest of each Oemine unit is to target a deficiency and correct it: for more information, you can read the books describing the signs of this deficiency and the symptoms associated with it. By knowing these relationships, and in agreement with your doctor, you can make an informed choice of what you need for your health. (renvoie vers les 2 livres)

With Oemine units, it becomes easier to choose the different elements that act in synergy, in order to always meet the body’s needs.

In nutrition, when a symptom is found to be linked to a deficiency, the body can be provided with exactly what it needs. If the symptom disappears, it confirms that it was indeed the result of this deficiency.

Why does Oemine only offer targeted complex supplements?

It is not good to systematically take a tablet containing doses of absolutely all the trace elements and vitamins. First, because it is not certain that we need each of the products used in its composition. Then, because by combining two products that contain all or part of the same ingredients, you can risk overdosing. This is why Oemine only offers specific complexes for a given indication. For example: Oemine Vision for the eyes, Oemine Digest for digestion, Oemine Arter for blood pressure, etc. And in this case, these complexes comply with European regulations on authorized health claims.

Thus all Oemine products are compatible with each other.