Oemine Glucolan


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Dietary supplement intended to help your body fight against excess sugar.

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This dietary supplement helps you reduce the effects of a high sugar diet. It contains zinc that contributes to carbohydrate balance, acid-base homeostasis and normal fatty acid metabolism.

OEMINE GLUCOLAN should be associated with physical activity. For example, walking after your meals.

Pill box of 60 capsules.
Code ACL 9584830


2 capsules with 2 large meals, see also at breakfast if it is too rich in sugars.
3 weeks per month for 3 months.

To be even more effective, taking this food supplement must be combined with physical exercise: for example, a little walking after meals.

Do not take during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

This dietary supplement does not replace the diet recommended by your nutritionist. This product is not a medicine.
It does not replace your doctor’s prescriptions. In case of diabetes, consult your physician or your pharmacist before you start taking this supplement. OEMINE GLUCOLAN should not be used as a substitute for professional medical treatment of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Do physical activity regularly and reduce high sugar foods.
To avoid any interaction with plants, dietary supplements or medicines consult your health care professional before starting to take OEMINE GLUCOLAN.

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All Oemine products are manufactured according to the standards in force. Their dosage complies with the nutritional reference values (NRVs). They are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, and should be kept out of the reach of children.

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Stinging nettle leaves (Urtica dioica), white mulberry leaves (Morus alba), dandelion leaves (Taraxacum off.), cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum), rice polypeptide proteinates, zinc oxide, chromium chloride, vegetable capsule (pullulan).
Oemine GLUCOLAN is guaranteed free of colouring agents and preservatives, without the addition of synthetic products.
Oemine GLUCOLAN is manufactured in accordance with current standards.

Nettle leaves: 900 mg
White Mulberry: 500 mg.
Dandelion: 260 mg
Cinnamon: 40 mg
Zinc: 1.5 mg (15% of DRI*)
Chromium: 6µg (15% of DRI*)
* Dietary Reference Intakes.