Oemine Chlorella 500



Chlorella 100% pure.
Oemine Chlorella 500 is a natural health product based on pure chlorella rich in chlorophyll, detoxifying proteins and antioxidant vitamins.

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Each tablet of Oemine Chlorella contains 500 mg of pure chlorella algae.
Chlorella seaweed is a good source of protein, which helps to maintain healthy bones and to increase muscle mass during physical activity. The B1 vitamins it contains foster psychological and nervous functions. And vitamin A helps maintain normal vision and good skin condition.
The chlorella we use is the variety vulgaris, it is cultivated according to a heterotrophic method in South Korea, in closed and sterile indoor ponds. It contains an exceptional growth factor. Oemine Chlorella is subject to all bacterio-mycological controls, and each batch is guaranteed gluten-free, GMO-free.

In addition, chlorella has a detoxifying action by two types of molecules:
> Phytochelatins are natural chelating agents, i. e. they are capable of selectively binding and removing toxic heavy metals. They are present in chlorella and are used to remove lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc.
> Metallothioneins (MTs) are proteins. On the one hand, they promote the bioavailability of essential trace elements such as copper and zinc. On the other hand, they reduce the toxicity of non-essential heavy metals such as mercury and lead. They are very abundant in the liver and kidneys.


Here are some of Oemine Chlorella 500’s summarized interests:
1. By its vitamins A (carotenoids):
– It contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, normal vision, normal functioning of the immune system.
– It plays a role in the process of cellular specialization.
2. Through the natural vitamin B1 it contains, Oemine Chlorella 500 contributes:
– normal functioning of the nervous system, normal psychological functions. It is therefore useful for memory, concentration and good morale.
– to normal heart function.
– to a normal energy metabolism.


Pill box of 60 tablets.
EAN code 376009917171902


> maintenance:2 tablets to swallow with a glass of water in the morning, by twenty-day courses (equivalent to one box).
> Intestinal detoxification cure : 2 tablets three times a day, for ten days.

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For your health, eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day:


Pure chlorella* chlorella powder (Chlorella vulgaris sp.).
*Organic food supplement controlled by QUALISUD FR-BIO-16.
Oemine chlorella 500 is guaranteed to be free of colouring agents and preservatives, without the addition of synthetic products.


1000 mg of pure chlorella.
Chlorophyll: 20 mg
Protein: 6 g
Vitamin B 1: 0.13 mg (11% of DRI*)
Vitamin A as carotenoids: 589 IU (32% of DRI*)
Vitamin K: 2.6 µg (3% of DRI*)
* Dietary Reference Intakes.


Glutamic acid: 66 mg; Aspartic acid: 48 mg; Lysine: 48 mg; Leucine: 45 mg; Alanine: 44 mg; Arginine: 35 mg; Glycine: 31 mg; Valine: 31 mg; Threonine: 24 mg; Serine: 22 mg; Isoleucine: 20 mg