Oemine Andro



Natural food supplement for men’s comfort.

This product is available in pharmacies.


Oemine ANDRO is an innovative and complete combination of capsules and capsules to help maintain normal prostate function.
The capsules contain squash seed oil.
The capsules contain extracts of nettle root, sabal palm and zinc proteininate.

  • Due to its composition in sterol (especially the spinasterol specific to it), squash seed oil is recommended for urinary discomforts related to age in humans. It is also rich in essential fatty acids (nearly 50% linoleic acid). Finally, it provides a good amount of vitamin E which protects it from oxidation.
  • The sabal palm, on the other hand, helps to maintain normal urination and urinary function.
  • Nettle roots contain sitosterols and lignans. Their extract may help maintain normal urinary and prostate focntions.
  • The zinc contained in Oemine Andro helps maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood and the normal functioning of the immune system.

Note that the capsules of this dietary supplement are now offered in the supplement Oemine ACNEZINC whose claims are more about the skin.


Box of 30 capsules and 30 capsules.
Code ACL 4413816


2 capsules* in the morning and 2 capsules* in the evening, as a continuous treatment 6 days a week, for several months.
It is possible to alternate 3 weeks per month of Oemine andro with 1 week of Oemine Huile de Pépins de courge during long courses of treatment.
* To make the difference, the capsules are oval, while the capsules are more elongated.


The use of Oemine ANDRO should in no way replace medical care. It must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, regular walking and light meals. In order to avoid any interaction with plants, food supplements or medicines, it is mandatory to take this supplement on the advice of a health professional.
Oemine ANDRO must be used at the indicated dose.
Oemine ANDRO should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. It should be kept out of the reach of children.

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Capsules: pure organic pumpkin seed oil*(Cucurbita pepo), marine gelatine capsule.
Capsules: nettle root (Urtica dioica radix), Sabal (Sabal serrulata), zinc oxide on rice proteinate, capsule composition: vegetable polysaccharides (pullulan).


Pumpkin seed oil: 1 g
Phytosterols: 4.40 mg of which spinasterol: 0.55 mg
Vitamin E (natural total tocopherols): 1 mg


Nettle root: 400 mg
Sabal: 300 mg
Zinc: 5 mg (50% of DRVs*)
* Dietary reference values.